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Agency # Communication # Contact # Project = mediations themed

D okumentationen: create topics, communicate knowledge, share -> 
E EXPERIENCE: open or close windows themes, what is a versible process of -> 
S trategies & Solutions: network issues with people + places + times + ideologies ->


A nalyses show:

Who wants to share what issues such as + when and with whom 
= I which (sub) goals?

What topics are parts of my base: 
+ Wisdom (self-) education + information =knowledge.

What topics should my 
Help shape the future shape = Learning + Goals

What subjects will help me to 
To minimize effort (partial) success = Cooperate

"If a result of an analysis 
+ is structurally positive, creates an intellectually actionable synthesis


Agency desa innovation

will generally create benefit, first national (German), then international,

Encourage, assist, set atmospherically + points

wants to help standardize multimedia general knowledge

wants to make available to everyone

knowledge will prepare socially transversal + = multimedia infotainment operate

wants to help lay people to participate in the research will provide researchers the basic reference

Universities and trainers will help to maintain a population feed-back

wants to help all stakeholders to achieve their subjects Partners

want to work exclusively on team projects in framework contracts

so to speak, is himself a pilot project.


Agency desa innovation

studied for the project concepts already existing

both B2B - Partners

and potential users / customers

who want to express their potential interest or make constructive suggestions, participate 
this is called crowdsourcing. I had before I got to know this term to this as I found slowly growing or slow-growing business enterprises Strukuren.

are searching for sponsors, donors or mentors 
(Donation receipts currently impossible 
because of the common good can not be documented legally recognized)

1 big goal is to make the agency desa innovation known and

2 Base to find project partners and close modular framework contracts


The Mission:

I have ideas that I want to achieve with minimal effort and maximum efficiency

-> You or others feel the same?

Approach "company as a pilot project" or "wedding as a network project". So, finding the call can be a private project dating service tackled a different way (...)

There are conceptual ideas, all of which were visualized on free homepages at beepworld. Thank you at this point.

Now a team player are sought that have passion for new projects and want to be part in the form of framework agreements on the implementation, so that one makes an idea about one thing that money can also bring in certain circumstances.

Everything is possible, nothing has.

Modular Configuration


Agency desa-innovation 
trying to make it possible.








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